Should You Accept Your Parent's Facebook Friend Request?

Do you live at home?

Are you planning to move out in the next year?

Are you in a relationship?

Do you care if your parents "Like" everything you do?

Do you write an update for everything you do?

Do you at least live in a converted basement that you consider your apartment?

Do you post about the things you do in "your apartment"?

Do any of your pictures feature you drunk?

"Four Loco" Drunk?

Do you talk to your parents daily?

Does the talk include intimate details of your relationship?

Do you have friends?

After a night out do you 'drunk facebook'?

Do some of your friends?

Do they constitute more than half your friends?

Do you like your parents?

Even though you like them, do you find what they talk about incredibly boring?

Do you have family game nights?

Do you friend women based on their bra size?

Don't friend 'em.